Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SETI needs help

Constant funding issues aside, SETI needs your help to search the skies for intelligent life.

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From the Geekosystem post:
The SETI Live project is built on the Zooniverse citizen science platform, which hopes to harness the eyes of the Internet to help make new discoveries. At the heart of SETI Live is a region of the radio spectrum that has hitherto been ignored. The trouble, it seems, is that this part of the spectrum is where we do most of our own broadcasting. Despite having a host of sophisticated tools, SETI has struggled in this target rich environment and ignored it for years.
However, this could be a huge mistake, as Jill Tarter writes on the SETI Live blog:
IF (of course it’s a huge if) there is a technological civilization near enough to us – its distance in light years is less than half the time over which our technology has been transmitting at a particular frequency band – perhaps that civilization has noticed that the Earth is very ‘radio bright’ at certain frequencies. Perhaps it has transponded back a reply at the same frequencies, knowing that we would have receivers that work there.
And that’s where you come in. Once you log in to SETI Live, you’ll be presented with “waterfalls” of radio data. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, especially since most of what you’re looking at is random noise. However, a quick run through the tutorial and a tour of established signal patterns will soon get you on the right track. To identify a possible signal, simply click to define two points along the suspect transmission, enter some info about the signal, and your done. No knowledge of radio science required.

Short version:
Install an application on your computer and a stream of transmissions will flow on your monitor, note if you see a pattern.

This sounds like a pretty cool project if you have the time (and interest). I actually used to have SETI@home on all my PC's until a year or 2 ago. Its a unique organization with a purpose that could GREATLY effect everything we know about life and the universe as we know it with a single major discovery.

I leave you in the hands of President Whitmore for an alternate thought about intelligent life "communicating" with Earth. USA! USA! USA!

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