Tuesday, January 31, 2012

They got the Soup Nazi?!

Well... he does "own all the characters".

Clickable link -> http://youtu.be/WUFSHzT2xuY

I like the ad and Jerry Seinfeld, still don't like Leno OR the car.

Team Porsche!

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Coronal Auroras caused by solar storms over Fairbanks Alaska

You may not really like science, but if you don't think this is cool, there might be something wrong with you.

Clickable link -> http://youtu.be/8BC6flTOGSk

Earlier links about them -> http://www.dannyfinnegan.com/2012/01/biggest-solar-radiation-storm-in-years.html & http://www.dannyfinnegan.com/2011/02/more-science-news.html%20

Related -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronal_mass_ejection


All I want to add is, can they figure out a way to work in a character played by H. Jon Benjamin?

From What Would Tyler Durden Do:

The entire original cast of ‘Arrested Development’, as well as the original writers, are all now confirmed for a new season and a movie, which you may already know if you live near me and heard me squealing with delight just now.

To all the skeptics out there, (writer Dean) Lorey confirmed that production is underway, even though the schedule is under wraps. “There are offices and parking spaces,” he wrote. The new season is slated to debut on Netflix in 2013, with a film to follow.

Here's my favorite part:
It may seem weird that a show this great and with such obvious fan support couldn’t find a home on a network, but one look at the prime-time ratings for NBC or ABC and it’s obvious that those network executives really know what they’re doing. If it aint broke, don’t fix it, ya know.

Source -> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/30/arrested-development-new-episodes-cast_n_1241409.html?ref=tv-canada via http://www.wwtdd.com/2012/01/entire-cast-writers-confirmed-for-arrested-development/

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Dirtbag Gourmet: A Guide to Cannibalism

I'm definitely not condoning cannibalism (who thought I'd ever have to specify that?), but in human history there have been many times where that was the only means of survival. The 1993 movie Alive, tells the story of a Ugandan rugby team who crashed in the Andes mountains in 1972. The original short flight didn't have much food on board so they resorted to Cannibalism after those stocks were depleted. Murder wasn't involved (like the shipwreck mentioned below) as the crash killed many colleagues first. The survivors lived by eating the flesh that had been preserved by the cold.

The source post takes a partially satirical view of it by starting with Zombies, but actually has some factual testimonials by an Evolutionary Biologist at the University of Pittsburgh on what to eat and why.

From the Adventure Journal post:
This isn’t pretty. But it is fact. The annals of exploration are full of gruesome tales of cannibalism.

In naval circles it was well known that if a ship ran aground on a deserted island, the custom of drawing lots and killing and eating each other one by one was the norm. A 1536 English expedition landed on the Labrador coast with their main ship badly foundering. Unable to hunt, gather enough nutrition, or navigate home, they killed and ate each other. A few centuries later, and probably most famously, the ship The Essex was sunk by a giant whale that rammed it. The survivors resorted to eating each other. The whale-ramming part of this story you know, from Moby-Dick, though Melville’s 1851 novel focuses on the man vs. whale yarn and entirely skips the ignoble man-eating-man bits.

You get the point. We need to eat to survive. And time and again, we’ve eaten each other to do so.

Source -> http://www.adventure-journal.com/2012/01/dirtbag-gourmet-a-guide-to-cannibalism/

Holding on to a wing during a barrel roll

That's how they roll in Iceland! get it? roll?

In all seriousness, wow.

clickable link -> http://youtu.be/g45syIoXIts

Source -> http://gizmodo.com/5880640/watch-this-aircraft-rolling-with-a-man-holding-to-the-edge-of-its-wing?popular=true

Monday, January 30, 2012

One of my favorite cheap meals: Soba noodles

While this isn’t much of a food blog, I do post about it from time to time. One of my favorite cheap and healthy (and filling) meals is Soba Noodles in a peanut/sesame sauce. There are a few different ways to do this from boiling + sautéing, boiling only, making it into a soup, noodles and sauce alone or adding mixed veges. My favorite type is boiling + sautéing with mixed veges. Yeah it looks like a lot of ingredients, but you either have most of them already or they basically keep forever (especially the frozen stuff).

Ingredients needed:

Soba (Buckwheat) dried noodles (Usually in the Asian section, but can be with other pastas)

Sesame Oil

Chicken broth (or water)

Soy Sauce
Ginger powder
A little bit of Chopped Onion/Shallot/Scallion/chives (dried or fresh)
Chopped garlic

Tahini (aware I’m mixing genres here, get over it)

Peanuts/peanut butter/cashews any mix of them
Frozen wontons/dumplings to add right at the end of boiling

Sesame Seeds

Cooking instructions (Warning, I don’t really measure):
Boil a small amount of chicken broth (or water if you want to reduce sodium, sissy) maybe about 1/3 of a cup in a sauce pan and throw in 1 bunch (they come pre-wrapped usually, you’ll see what I mean when you open the package) of Soba noodles for every 2 people, or 1 if you’re me. Boil them for about 2 minutes, then throw in a large handful of whatever veges you’re putting in for about another 2-3 minutes, the veges can literally be anything, less cooking time if they’re not frozen though. Shut off heat and toss in any frozen dumplings/wontons if you are adding those too. Mix around a bit with a large spoon. Strain and move to a hot skillet that has already a bit of sesame oil (teaspoon?) and a little bit of butter or olive oil too, and anything from the onion family. Now add about a teaspoon of sesame seeds, about the same amount of tahini (if you’re using it, just use more sesame oil if not) and a handful of any nuts (‘buttered or otherwise) you’re adding too. Lower the heat to medium and mix around a lot, but not too hard that you pierce the wontons, etc. Lastly add Rooster sauce, Soy Sauce, ginger powder and Garlic to taste. (This part is entirely up to you, but maybe a half teaspoon of each? Totally guessing).

Total cook time including the boiling is about 10-12 minutes. Enjoy!

Soup version: just don't strain and eliminate the sauté part, adding stuff in the same order. You'd probably want to use more onion, soy and rooster sauce for the soup version. 

Pic is from a slightly different version, peapods and carrots instead of Edamame/mixed veges

Game of Thrones Season 2 trailer!


Source -> http://www.hbo.com/video/video.html/?autoplay=true&vid=1234943&filter=game-of-thrones&view=null via http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/01/29/game-of-thrones-season-2-full-trailer/

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is gross

Not entirely honest why I'm posting it, probably because its a wee bit funny too?

Source -> teamcoco via http://www.buzzfeed.com/jpmoore/guy-fieri-eating-in-reverse

Friday, January 27, 2012

"...then they play that song from the 80's. Day Bow Bow"

While the title quote is actually from Always Sunny, that song is more famous from one of my favorite movies.

Don't get too excited, its not a Ferris Bueller sequel as some (at least me) had hoped... its just a superbowl honda ad.

Source -> http://jalopnik.com/5879809/exclusive-ferris-buellers-mysterious-super-bowl-ad-is-for-honda

Earlier Bueller-related link: http://www.dannyfinnegan.com/2011/02/which-cubs-game-did-ferris-sloan-and.html

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Seal team 6 for President!

image source -> http://www.lobshots.com/

A Navy Seal team has successfully rescued 2 hostages from Somali pirates, later confirmed by the Associated Press to be the very same Seal Team 6 of recent fame...

From the BBC:
The hostages - a US woman and a Danish man - were seized on 25 October.
American Jessica Buchanan, 32, and Dane Poul Thisted, 60, were freed uninjured, although nine of their captors are said to have been killed. No casualties have been reported among US forces.
Danish Foreign Minister Villy Soevndal told Denmark's TV2 channel that one of the hostages "has a disease that was very serious and that had to be solved''.
"Jessica's health was failing," Mr Biden said, referring to Ms Buchanan. "They concluded they should go at this time. The president gave the go."
BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says Wednesday's rescue is the highest profile US action in Somalia since it pulled its forces out of the country in 1994.

For anybody with any negative feelings about this action, the military or Seals in general, etc keep in mind the complete and total lack of restraint the people they were fighting actually have. Terrorists, pirates or otherwise only respond to strength and firepower, something that this team is particularly known for. Without our soldiers' actions we wouldn't even be allowed to disagree...

http://www.anysoldier.com if you'd like to send a care package to a soldier deployed abroad. The amount they'd appreciate it is huge.

Source -> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-16714344 via http://www.lobshots.com/2012/01/25/look-what-happens-when-navy-seal-team-6-meets-somali-pirates/

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Space wine?

"I'm not creepy at all"

At least that's what you'd savor if you were drinking a bottle of Meteorite, possibly the very first wine on the market aged with a meteorite that fell to Earth from space. It's the brainchild of Ian Hutcheon*, an Englishman now working in Chile, who thinks the infusion of a bit of meteorite gives his wine a "livelier taste."

I like the idea in principle, but can you slap the bladder?

Source -> http://gizmodo.com/5878273/i-really-want-to-drink-this-wine-aged-with-a-45-billion+year+old-meteorite

via http://news.discovery.com/space/meteorite-aged-wine-makes-perfect-space-pairing-120117.html

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crowdsourced Star Wars!

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Source -> http://vimeo.com/34948855 via http://starwarsuncut.com/
Youtube link: http://youtu.be/7ezeYJUz-84

A Mercedes who killed a Nazi General...

Shorter version:
When a pair of British-trained Czech and Slovak assassins attacked one of Nazi Germany’s most sinister leaders in Prague in May 1942, they were armed with submachine guns and anti-tank mines. But even these were not enough. To complete Operation Anthropoid and kill Heydrich, Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík needed a little help from the SS-Obergruppenführer’s favorite Mercedes convertible and the swarm of microbes in its upholstery. ...In late 1941, Heydrich was sent to Prague as Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, the industrial part of Czechoslovakia.... Kubiš and Gabčík were parachuted into Czechoslovakia by the Royal Air Force in December 1941, aware that it was going to be a one-way trip....On the morning of May 27, 1942, they attacked....Heydrich’s injuries didn’t appear serious. He was operated on by Heinrich Himmler’s personal doctor, the later war criminal Karl Gebhardt, and looked to be on his way to recovery when he suddenly got worse and lapsed into a coma. It was the Mercedes. Pieces of upholstery had been torn from the car by Kubiš’s anti-tank grenade and these had hit Heydrich, causing widespread bacterial infection. On June 4, the Butcher of Prague was dead, killed by two brave commandos, a car named after the granddaughter of an Austro-Hungarian rabbi, and the politics of Nazi Germany....

 Source -> http://jalopnik.com/5878368/this-mercedes-killed-a-nazi-general

 Click here to read how the Manufacture's name comes from the granddaughter of a noted Hungarian Jewish Scholar -> http://jalopnik.com/5791169/the-secret-jewish-history-of-the-mercedes-name?tag=ljk-setright

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Biggest Solar radiation storm in years happening right now

So if you have a rapidly increasing amount of dropped calls over the next few weeks... this might be why.

From :
On Sunday, a massive explosion on the sun known as a solar flare sent an ejection of some of the sun's plasma hurtling toward earth at the ungodly speed of 1,000 kilometers...per second!
No need to worry about being hit by flying sun plasma though -- that will zoom right past Earth and race toward the edge of the solar system, according to Harlan Spence, principal investigator for the Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation (CRaTER) instrument on-board NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. It's the ionizing-radiation that was also produced during the flare that hit Earth on Tuesday that is more of a cause for concern. The radiation won't physically hurt those of us who are earthbound -- the Earth's magnetic field and its atmosphere provides an effective shield against that. But astronauts who are working on the International Space Station could be at risk.

Almost a year ago I had a similar post... cyclical?

Source -> http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/technology/2012/01/solar-storm-sends-radiation-hurtling-to-earth-what-that-means-for-you.html

Earlier related post -> http://www.dannyfinnegan.com/2011/02/more-science-news.html

Want to feel old?

Clickable link -> http://youtu.be/ibfx4AFlgH4

Source -> http://www.happyplace.com/13584/how-to-feel-extremely-old

Earlier related link -> http://www.dannyfinnegan.com/2011/04/whoa-wedding-invitation-that-is-also.html

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Microbes extract sugars from brown seaweed, fuel production ensues!

A new method of extracting previously inaccessible sugars in brown algae called Alginate relies on a GMO bacteria specifically formulated to do this task.


From Live Science:
The new system is like a Lego platform, said Yasuo Yoshikuni, a study researcher and chief science officer and co-founder at Bio Architecture Lab in California. With changes to the components in the process, the same microbe-based system could be used to produce a variety of products, Yoshikuni said. For instance, the system could be used to turn seaweed into a source (also called a feedstock) for other biofuels, which could include butanol — an alcohol, like ethanol, that is blended into gas — or chemicals used in biodiesel*, which has properties similar to conventional, petroleum-based diesel.

Source -> http://www.livescience.com/18018-seaweed-biofuel-ethanol.html

*Hence my interest in this

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Annie's boobs might be on their way out

I'm of course referring the monkey.

From Warmingglow:

"Community" has essentially been on a kamikaze mission for a long time now, going up against "The Big Bang Theory" and one of "American Idol" or "The X Factor" for a while now. It aired after "The Office" briefly at the start of its first season and has had to go it alone ever since. "Whitney," which gets to stay on the schedule has done better entirely because of that "Office" lead-in, and has been bleeding viewers almost as quickly as it's been arousing critical pans. "Community" is a mess ratings-wise, but it's one of NBC's few shows that still draws largely unabashed love from critics. Pulling it off the schedule temporarily given the ratings is understandable; pulling it off the schedule while leaving "Whitney" on is not. Either show is going to do the same pathetic numbers on Wednesdays at 8 - away from its "Office" cocoon, "Whitney" could easily do worse than "Community" would - and one move at least buys continued goodwill from the press and viewers, whereas there's no who will be happy that ["Whitney"] continues to air, week after week.

Here's my opinion, Whitney (the show and the unfunny person) sucks. Lets not let a great, witty show share the fate of another great, witty show... Plus, my GOD Alison Brie is hot. (Still a fantastic show in its own right)

Source -> http://warmingglow.uproxx.com/2011/11/nbc-fixes-schedule-by-removing-community#page/1

Earlier links:

This guy might not be 100% right

I'm no means an Einstein hater (do they have those?), just saying E = mc2 might have some evidence against it. Having said ALL that, in Albie's own words, it was just a THEORY*.

Really short version:
During an experiment at CERN, super excited Neutrinos arrived in Italy approx 60 nanoseconds sooner than they should've. Implying that they were traveling faster than the theoretical maximum speed of matter, the speed of light, 299,792,458 m / s (~671 million mph).


From the Digital Journal article:
Physicists at CERN have rerun tests conducted in September which suggested that neutrinos travel faster than light. The latest results are consistent with those of the first received with skepticism after faults were found in the experiment design.
Digital Journal reported that Dr. Bergio Bertolucci and his team of researchers in Gran Sasso announced in September "that neutrinos sent through the ground in the Opera (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tracking Apparatus) experiment were measured as apparently traveling faster than speed of light. In the experiment, neutrinos sent from the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) laboratory in Geneva, to Gran Sasso laboratory 732 kilometers away, appeared to have made the trip faster than the speed of light, showing up in Italy a fraction of a second earlier than expected."

Source -> http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/314640

Earlier related link:

*and we all know if his brain had access to CERN's current equipment, I'd have a flying Delorean

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stonehenge! Again!

From the Gizmodo link:

Geologists Robert Ixer of the University of Leicester and Richard Bevins of the National Museum of Wales spent nine months using petrography (the study of mineral content and textural relationships within rocks) and managed to trace one of the original stones back to a rocky outcropping near Pembrokeshire, Wales called Craig Rhos-y-Felin. [160 miles from the Stonehenge site].

From the Independent link:
The discovery has re-invigorated one of academia's longest running debates - whether the smaller standing stones of Stonehenge  were quarried and brought all the way there from Pembrokeshire by prehistoric humans or whether they had already been plucked out of ancient rock outcrops and carried all or part of the way to Wiltshire by glaciers hundreds of thousands of years earlier.
Archaeologists tend to subscribe to the 'human transport' theory,  while some geomorphologists favour the glacial one. The debate is solely about  Stonehenge's early/smaller standing stones (often known collectively as 'bluestones') - not about the larger ones (most of the so-called 'sarsens') which were incorporated into the monument several centuries later.

From Wired:
The more well-known and iconic stones, the huge sarsens, were incorporated into the monument several centuries later. They came from somewhere in the Marlborough Downs, 20 miles north of Stonehenge.

Sources -> http://gizmodo.com/5877177/origins-of-stonehenges-stones-found-and-holy-crap-did-they-travel-far

Earlier Stonehenge link ->  http://www.dannyfinnegan.com/2011/11/newly-discovered-pits-add-mystery-to.html

Jesus Christ, get me some cow's milk!

If I was that little kid I'd be more freaked out that I LIVED WITH THE MONSTER!

Clickable link -> http://youtu.be/nuKDSuxqtuI

Source -> http://consumerist.com/2012/01/this-got-milk-ads-message-almond-milk-will-traumatize-your-children.html