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"Its completely wireless"

Somersby cider, in the UK, has released a new ad poking fun at the hype behind product launches with another company associates with APPLEs...


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10 things every driver should know

cross-posted from Jalopnik as a follow up to "Traffic laws the NEED to change"

Yes, I'm often bitter about driving mostly due to the fact that the vast majority of people feel that its both a right and something easy to do well. I'm here to relay the message of this post that simply isn't the case. I could go on and on about how one should actually learn to drive in different conditions, how to react in a slide, how traffic should (AND IS DESIGNED TO) flow but I'll let the pasted post below do that for me.

Really we should be trying for a system of Fahrvergn├╝gen as opposed to driving simply being something one has to do to get to work...

Happy Motoring!

Photo Credit: Sparktography


10.) The Left Lane Isn't For You

It's for passing, not for cruising at or juuuust above the speed limit.
Suggested By: RXEightPhoto Credit: Jason Torchinsky/Jalopnik

9.) Merging Is All About Flow

Merging is difficult for most people, apparently. Remember that you're part of a whole traffic flow, not just a single car against many others. Reader Grrrowler has a few simple rules for merging.
1. It's impossible to merge when going significantly faster or significantly slower than the traffic you're merging with. Slowing down to 20 when traffic is doing 65 does make the merge safer. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect.
2. Two vehicles cannot occupy the same space on the road at the same time. If there's a car next to you, you can't merge there. You need to slow down or speed up. It's not incumbent on the traffic in the travel lanes to make room for you (although it can be the polite thing to do).
3. A turn signal is an indicator of your wish to move to another lane, a request if you will. It is not a divine right to simply move into the next lane regardless of how it will affect other drivers. If you're not sure what turn signals are or how to use them, then we have a whole other problem.
4. Once you're on the freeway, speed the hell up to move with existing traffic! Just because you were doing 45 on the entrance ramp doesn't mean you should do 45 on the freeway. If you want to travel at surface street speeds, then stay on the surface streets.
Suggested By: Thunder and Brian, The Life ofPhoto Credit: Cliffski


8.) Four Wheel Drive Won't Save You

Just because your 4wd SUV/Audi/Subaru accelerates really well in the snow, doesn't mean it can slow down any faster than anyone else. If you drive like a jackass in the winter, your four wheel drive won't save you.
Suggested By: McMikePhoto Credit: Getty Images


7.) In Freezing Conditions, You Have The Least Traction Where You Need It Most

Reader Joe_Limon excellently explains that the places where people regularly accelerate or brake get worn down and extra slick in icy conditions. This means that when you approach an intersection, it will be extra slippery. When you approach a blind spot on the highway, it will be extra slippery. When you're driving on a gravel road, it will be extra slippery before and after intersections or turns. Read the whole thing here.
Suggested By: Joe_LimonPhoto Credit: AFCkeeper95


6.) Just Because You Signal, Doesn't Mean There's A Space

You're signalling. Great. That's a big step up from not signalling at all before you turn. Now you just have to remember to CHECK YOUR GODDAMN BLIND SPOTS before you cut into the next lane.
Suggested By: MenebrioPhoto Credit: Chris1051


5.) You Turn Into The Skid

That language is always a little unclear, so we'll just say that if you're in an emergency situation in a basic front-drive whatevercar, you want to point the wheel in the direction you want to go. It's that simple. How do you point the way you want to go? You look in the direction that you want to go instead of looking at what you want to avoid. Look to your way out, not the car/bus/tree/wall you're trying to avoid.
Suggested By: owen-magnetic and macshomePhoto Credit: Kouks


4.) You Need To Leave Space Between Cars

This one is simple: tailgating is dangerous. If a car ahead of you has to slow down, you can't magically slow right down with them. You need a few car lengths to make up for your inevitable reaction time.
Suggested By: Brian, The Life ofPhoto Credit: Trey Ratcliff


3.) Looking Ahead Makes You Safer

Reader Patrick Frawley explains this one best.
Keep looking ahead as far as possible. Pay attention to what's really coming up instead of what's just in front of you. If you can react earlier, it's better both for you and everyone behind you.
Suggested By: Patrick FrawleyPhoto Credit: Samira


2.) You Shouldn't Do Other Things While Driving

Texting, drinking, reading, eating, or screwing: don't do them behind the wheel. They all involve taking your eyes and your attention away from what's in front of you. Like the crash you're about to have.
Suggested By: $kaycogPhoto Credit: ssmmaa66/YouTube


1.) Everyone Else Is Out To Get You

Want to drive safe? Just remember that everyone else on the roads is incompetent, distracted, and they might as well be out to smash your car into a wall. It's up to you to stay out of an accident.
Suggested By: Guy MeuricePhoto Credit: Ian T Edwards

How to become the Pope

explained by CGP Grey

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Danny Boy Muppets style

Here's an old video from the Muppets show with 3 of the most unintelligble characters (?) in history singing "Danny Boy". My name AND the muppets?!

 Happy St. Patrick's day!

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Traffic / Vehicle laws that NEED to change

There are several things that frustrate me about driving in the United States. Where should I start...I get that there is traffic, anywhere there are cars is going to generate some sort of traffic. The problem is most traffic is caused by morons who aren't driving properly, eg didn't signal, can't merge, DRIVING TOO SLOW IN THE LEFT LANE, or people driving vehicles way too fast that were originally designed as commuter appliances....(eg, that '94 Camry shouldn't be going 87 on the highway, I don't care how fantastic of a driver you believe you are). I'm also an enthusiast of cars not originally sold stateside (or sold for only 4 years in the case of the Land Rover Defender). The 25 year import ban is ridiculous and was only instituted because Mercedes wanted people to stop buying sedans outside the US for far less than a similar model (with a smaller motor) was being sold here. Lastly, your pseudo-HID headlights in housings originally intended for halogens are blinding me and aren't helping you see anything better than your OEMs were...

Jalopnik has a great article on these points (and a few more that get on my nerves), pasted below.

Photo Credit: Richard Masoner


10.) Heavy Tickets For Left Lane Hogs

We admire the cop who ticketed a driver doing two under in the left lane but we need to see this happen more, and we need harsher tickets as well. The left lane is for passing.

Suggested By: TonylukesPhoto Credit: rik


9.) Mandatory Driving Tests For The Elderly

I love my grandma, but we only knew she had to give up her keys when she got into one accident and then drove on the curb at night with her lights off. Regulating the elderly when they mess up is a bad system. We need regular checks to see if they’re safe to drive. 

Suggested By: thestanwastakenPhoto Credit: Matteo Pieroni


8.) Stop Signs Should Act As Yield Signs For Bicycles

We can’t remember how many times we and friends of ours have been ticketed for rolling through stop signs in completely empty, safe intersections. It’s bullshit.

Suggested By: ttyymmnnPhoto Credit: Lynn Friedman


7.) Fines For Bad Headlights

Improperly aimed headlights, particularly poorly-aligned aftermarket kits, are a hazard to other drivers. We need to ticket everyone from lifted bro trucks to cheaply-modded hatchbacks. 

Suggested By: DeanPhoto Credit: Jorge Quinteros


6.) Raise Speed Limits For Passing

It shouldn’t count as speeding if you need to get up past the limit to execute a safe pass. A slow overtake can be dangerous.

Suggested By: driveaboutMAXIMUMVRMPhoto Credit: CameliaTWU


5.) Tiered Licenses

As reader fintail put it, “the same license that allows you a Rio allows you a Veyron, and the same endorsement that allows you a Vespa allows you a turbo Busa or a 1500lb hog/2 wheeled Civic with no doors.” We like the idea of having tiered licenses that keep bad drivers out of large and fast cars, and restrict full driving privileges to drivers with a good record and additional training.

Suggested By: fintail and gt40mkIIPhoto Credit: Superbad


4.) Legalize Lane Splitting

This one is a no-brainer. Lane-splitting for motorcycles is safe and efficient and should be legal in all 50 states.

Suggested By: dreygataPhoto Credit: gth_42


3.) Tickets For Not Signalling

Reader DontPanic1 sums this one up nicely.
ENFORCE MOTHERF&^%ING TURN/INDICATOR SIGNALS. I live in DC/VA and NO ONE uses an indicator. Not to turn, not to change lanes, not to do anything and I wish people would be pull for it. I forget sometimes too but it's a way of life here and my only response is to lay on the horn and rage. urgh.
Suggested By: DontPanic1Photo Credit: TheCanonShot


2.) Drop The 25 Year Import Ban

America would not be worse off if we could bring over a few Audi RS4s or Skyline GT-Rs. Hell, it wouldn’t be worse if city residents could pick up diminutive kei cars, or business owners could import a thrifty Mahindra. Just end the ban on importing vehicles less than 25 years old. 

Suggested By: cesariojpnPhoto Credit: Daft Photos


1.) Raise Speed Limits

Three words: safe and prudent. There are many roads (mostly in residential areas) where a low speed limit is safe, but for the wide open spaces of this country, or even in the high-power 80-90 mph freeways common everywhere, a higher speed limit only makes sense.

Suggested By: TriboroughPhoto Credit: Mikeldray/

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