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Munich at 850 years old

No that picture wasn't taken in 850, that would be impossible, what a stupid thought.

Munich was founded by Monks in ~1158 (that year is disputed) by Benedictine monks, (The German name München means "of Monks"). It is one of my favorite cities in one of my favorite countries. The people are friendly, they really enjoy themselves and BMW is headquartered there, that's 3 wins as far as I'm concerned.

 Münchners (people from Munich) as far as I can tell tend to swing a bit more towards identifying as a Bavarian than a German. It is a VERY different city from Berlin, much less industrial and you can tell these are the ancestors of an agrarian culture by their cuisine and lack of urban sprawl (which is a good thing, the food is absolutely incredible*). Having said that it is simultaneously a very modern city. You'll see modern architecture next to a building from the 1400's on a regular basis. From an gastronomical, entertainment, historical, cultural, religious or architectural point of view Munich will please everybody.

In addition its one of the greenest cities (no not the marketing PR use of the word, I mean actually green). It gets plenty of rainfall and there are a many parks within city limits. The Englisher Garten (one of the more famous ones) is stunning. Most of these parks also house Biergartens in or nearby. Its not hard to find a place for a beer and a snack in this city of people who know how to have fun. I've been there ~5 times and would never hesitate to go back**.

From the Smithsonian article:
It has taken more than half a century for Munich, which this year marks its 850th anniversary, to restore national pride to its considerable array of things to be proud of. Germany's third-largest city (after Berlin and Hamburg) and the capital of the state of Bavaria, Munich has long prided itself on easygoing sophistication and love of hearty pleasures—while standing distinctly apart. In Thomas Wolfe's novel The Web and the Rock, the narrator observes, Munich "is a kind of German heaven....a great Germanic dream translated into life....In other parts of Germany, people will lift their eyes and sigh rapturously when you say you are going to Munich: 'Ach! Mü schön!'" (Schön means handsome, beautiful and nice.)

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Countdown as of this post, source ->
*People who falsely believe German or more specifically Bavarian food is lacking, really need to give something a chance better than a boiled sausage and overcooked sauerkraut, If in Brooklyn check out Radegast hall (yes its technically Austrian, sue me) (don't sue me) - or email me if you want some other German restaurant suggestions! I'm an enthusiast!

**Going to Oktoberfest for the 4th time this year!

Wifey loves The Princess Bride

So I figured I'd post this from highdefinite (via

I like(d) Andre the Giant.

Is the grunt the new Vuvuzela?

The BBC, known in my house for broadcasting the single greatest show in history, is developing a tool to diminish the grunts that occur when certain tennis players serve (I'm looking at you Sharapova).

From Daily Mail:
[The] BBC has produced a noise-reduction programme called Wimbledon Net Mix, which allows internet users to turn down howling and increase commentary volume.

Wimbledon bosses have also admitted that the grunting of top tennis stars like Maria Sharapova, whose record-breaking screams often exceed 100 decibels, do make millions unhappy and want it reduced.

A similar issue (but more passive as it was ALWAYS going) happened during the last world cup with the god-awful vuvuzela. A few apps/inventions came out that blocked/reduced it, but the most effective way was to watch a game on surround sound (that had an equalizer, and just lower the pitch for the frequency that the vuvuzela resided on - b-flat 233Hz, see the links below to see what I'm talking about) &

Source ->

Sharapova Grunting

Apparently they can pick and choose what rules to enforce

if the mistake is made by them...

The FBI is investigating how a Nigerian man was able to go through security at JFK and board on a Virgin America plan without proper ID and using an expired boarding pass that didn't belong to him.
At the very least should he be charged with "stealing" the ride? (I'm skirting over the unbelievable security breach by TSA allowing him through)

From the CBS article:
Officials say Noibi got through security and was able to board the plane. No one noticed until the flight was airborne when a flight attendant realized Noibi was sitting in a seat that was supposed to be vacant. He showed the attendant the expired boarding pass that was in someone else’s name and then showed a University of Michigan identification card with his picture on it.

Days later, investigators say he went back to LAX and tried to board a Delta flight to Atlanta.
This time, he was searched and airport officials found 10 expired boarding passes in his bag , none of them in his name.

Good thing Noibi learned his lesson, I wonder if he knows anybody here. If this isn't clear evidence of reconnaissance I'm not sure what is.

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1996 Corvette converted into electric car

This is actually a pretty good platform for an electric conversion, if you can find one with a straight body/chassis and a wrecked drivetrain for cheap. Its light (fiberglass body), aerodynamic, has big brakes (good for heavy electrical components), lots of underhood room and geared rather low in the rear differential.

I'm not generally an electric car fan (yet) but I've always been a tinkering fan. Thumbs up for the Engineers on this project. Click the source link for some videos and more info.

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Earlier (commercial) electric car links -> & &


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This actually looks good

Yes Tom Cruise is crazy, yes some of the Mission Impossible movies have been a bit convoluted, but they weren't un-entertaining. Plus this one has Simon Pegg...sold.

Check out the newest trailer for Mission Impossible 4 below, Land Rover Defender at 0:46.

Clickable link ->

Bear, when are we having a beer?

Say what you want about Jake Gyllenhaal, he was pretty good in that movie that Anne Hathaway was naked most of the time in.

Bear I want to hang out with though. He's done an episode with Will Ferrell and now Jake Gyllenhaal, how about me? Sure I'm not an actor, but why should that matter? I'm just as weird as Will and I don't have any weird hippie sad turtle sisters like Jake (not sure how that gets me ahead, but I figured I'd mention it)

Source ->

Earlier MvW links -> &

How to fix anything

I'd replace the WD-40 with PB Blaster, but thats just me.

Source ->

All kidding aside, I've seen some pretty crazy duct tape fixes, and some very creative uses of penetrating oil such as WD-40, Liquid Wrench or my preferred PB Blaster. In high school in my CJ, I destroyed my rear driveshaft (broke into 2 separate pieces), lets not get into how, and used duct tape to make a splint on the remaining rear stub still attached to the rear differential in order to drive the 8 miles home (now in front-wheel-drive), great success! A few friends and I used it once to patch a torn bike tube successfully (then replaced the tube later) while mountain biking.

Another friend and I got a jetski to work(~ish) that had been underwater for god knows how long, by flooding the cylinder with penetrating oil, then hooking up a new battery and running it on the electric starter motor in 30 second spurts, then filling up the cylinder again. Then we replaced the spark plug and fuel filter, started right up. Too bad we didn't have a title for it.

They're not even trying make it look like they're different movies. I'm ok with that, as long as one of them has Mila.

I do think its funny that Kelso and Jackie are in opposing movies, and Justin and Natalie are both known for music based SNL skits (aware that 2nd one is a stretch). Then there is the whole black swan connection between these cute brunettes, scandalous!

read the descriptions... imdb screenshot source ->

Yes Wifey, we will probably see them both.

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More Infographics!

Mental Floss has a post about infographics that I'm sharing. Here are some highlights below.

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More links! Run Your Life with Flowcharts!
Fun with Flowcharts
7 Geeky Flowcharts
7 Brilliant and/or Baffling Flowcharts
7 Flowcharts for Fun
10 Funny Flowcharts
10 Clever and Confusing Flowcharts

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For the google: infographics mental floss charts funny

Historical Beer

Combining history, science AND brewing?!

From the article:
Patrick McGovern, 66, is a beer archaeologist. An adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania, he's considered the world's leading expert on ancient fermented beverages. Smithsonian profiles McGovern, whose work not only gives insight into pre-biblical agriculture, medicine, and economics, but has also led to new brews at his favorite pub. 

Widely published in academic journals and books, McGovern’s research has shed light on agriculture, medicine and trade routes during the pre-biblical era. But—and here’s where Calagione’s grin comes in—it’s also inspired a couple of Dogfish Head’s offerings, including Midas Touch, a beer based on decrepit refreshments recovered from King Midas’ 700 B.C. tomb, which has received more medals than any other Dogfish creation.

Here is my comment: "Cool!"

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History of Windows vs. Apple

I love infographics.

Below is a screenshot of a very large infographic showing the history of Microsoft (and Windows associated products) and Apple (and Mac/iOS associated products) from 1984 until 2011. Click the source link for the full size version.

I'm pretty sure 10/24/1985 wasn't a great idea at post-Jobsie Apple, it took until 3/1/1988 for them to realize this.

9/14/2000 however, was a bit of a set back for Gatesy.

10/23/2001, whoops, Apple back in front.

10/22/2009, Sorry Apple, Win7 > OSX (I un-converted).

I do think it was interesting that they left out June 2006, when Apple hardware just became prettier (and much more expensive) PC hardware...

Image source (and full size version) ->

Source ->

More charts! ->

Honestly, I think Animal could take them both

Source ->

Really like this company/concept/idea

Local Motors is a small open-source car company based in Phoenix. Using community researched and designed components, leaning towards common COTS components and stepping back from the large corporate run approach that other manufacturers take, they have created a few incredible vehicles. Starting with the Rally Fighter, (read the popmech link below for a story on that), they have naturally gone towards DARPA's XC2V crowd-sourced competition (which they won) 14 weeks ago.

From the Gizmodo post:

When Local Motors won DARPA's XC2V private "crowd-sourced" competition about 14 weeks ago, they secured the right to build a prototype that could eventually serve as a next-gen military vehicle for U.S. armed forces. Not a lot of time!

As you can see, however, they delivered. The fruits of their labor are on display above [below].

How Local Motors works:

Clickable link ->

Source ->
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Rally Fighter ->
Earlier post ->

This actually looks funny (mostly due to Danny McBride)

ok and Nick Swardson...

Clickable link ->

(for the google: 30 minutes or less)

How exactly is this not Top Gear?

I like Adam Corolla, and there were rumors of his potential to be one of the hosts for Top Gear USA and it looks like his own car show idea is finally materializing. But to rephrase the title, How is this not Top Gear? Oh wait, its because they have 4 guys, and a re-purposed ESPN news set, totally different. Yes, I'll likely watch this show, as I said before, more car shows are still better than less.

Clickable link ->

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Bill Caswell has crashed at Pikes Peak

Sadly our favorite grassroots rally driver has crashed and "totaled" (the man himself's words) his M3 powered BMW 318i. click the source link below for more pics of the famous, now destroyed car. I wonder how much of the drivetrain is salvageable... new 318i shell?

A little while before this crash, the following video was filmed.

Clickable link ->

Source link -> 

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Also available for idiots, shiny things

Wifey sent this to me...

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If I get a Ketchup critter and Mustard Monster for Christmas, I'm going to be very upset.

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Drink, Drive, Hit innocent person, Flee scene

 I just want to make sure I have the formula for being a degenerate right.

***Update*** The driver has turned herself in. Click below for more &

Please help find the driver, identified a Nurse named Wilaisha Rankins, 32.

The hit and run victim, Gejea Ejeta, originally of Ethiopia, is recovering in the hospital with a broken leg.

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Jeep pickup... go

Apparently Jeep wants a pickup, the people want a Jeep pickup, but Chrysler isn't convinced...yet.

Honestly, If Jeep offered a 4-door, crew cab, short bed, stick, TDI pickup (with a soft-top, a guy can dream) I'd be first in line. Oh wait, they already HAVE something close. They just don't sell it here, big surprise.

Source ->

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If you have an earlier Wrangler and money burning a hole in your pocket:

Anybody interested in a trip to Bellevue, WA

Image source ->
I am all for water safety. I was a lifeguard and a swim coach for years. That's not what this is. This is needless health and safety standards being made by a committee (who was likely chosen by a committee) trying to remove all fun in anybody in their jurisdiction's life*.

What ever happened to "swim at your own risk"? How about public swimming lessons, requiring some sort of certification (which I already think is a bad idea 2 seconds after typing it, due to ITS implied bureaucraZy) to swim in King County, WA rivers. I sailed for years, and understand WHY there are lifejacket laws (I refuse to say PFD) but there's a point that frivolous rules blanketly assigned to everybody really defeat the entire purpose of the activity in question.

Case in point, its not swimming if you have an inner tube around you.

Source -> &

*They're definitely less malicious that I'm implying to make my point, but the legislation is ridiculous nonetheless

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Darwin's notes that led to the book "The Origin of Species" to be digitized and published online

Darwin, the first person to really get an recognition as a supporter of anything other than creation theory, famously wrote a book about his findings while studying for years on what is now known as the theory of Evolution. That book, "the Origin of Species" was based on the culmination of many years of research, including his travels on the famous HMS Beagle to the Galapagos islands among many other unique locations. Now all of his many notebooks (~750) are going to be digitized and published online in coordination with Cambridge University, beginning with an initial run of 330 books.

Wifey is going to love this...

Source ->

"We use windows!"

Whitey Bulger, inspiration for Frank Costello in the Departed captured in CA

FBI announcement of the capture

Clickable link ->

The FBI's #1 most wanted man (after the death of bin Laden) has been captured. 81 year old, James "Whitey" Bulger was captured recently in a modest apartment in Santa Monica, CA. He was lured out and arrested without incident. He's currently being "shipped up to Boston". He had been living there with his 60 year old girlfriend under assumed names and had been eluding FBI authorities for over 16 years. One of the most famous FBI informants, and brother to a Massachusetts politician, he was the inspiration for Jack Nicholson's character "Frank Costello" in the absolutely incredible movie "The Departed", if you haven't seen it, you're dead to me. He is wanted for charges such as 19 counts of first-degree murder, racketeering, money-laundering, assault, loan-sharking, gambling and drug related charges to name a few.

From the dailymail article:
In an interview on 60 minutes two years ago, when asked how Bulger killed people, his henchman Kevin Weeks said: 'He stabbed people. He beat people with bats. He shot people. Strangled people. Run 'em over with cars.

The impressive way he was caught was unique and a little outside the box, especially for the normally buttoned-up FBI. Knowing that his girlfriend would be easier to find and had a penchant for plastic surgery, they advertised in plastic surgery journals with "have you seen this woman" age-progression pictures. They also advertised on daytime TV shows that would appeal to her demographic with a 30 second ad (shown below). After a few months and several false leads, Bulger was found. Click the source links below to read more. Also, watch some videos from the Departed (other than the trailer, the language is NSFW).

Commercial to find Catherine Grieg

Clickable link ->

The Departed Trailer.

Clickable link ->

Some funny lines from The Departed (NSFW)

Clickable link ->

Read more:
Press release ->
Wanted Poster ->


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How not to die in a plane crash

My friend Susie sent this link from to me, I had to write a post about it. I could go on and on about how funny it is, instead I'll just let you read it...

Here ->

Here are some highlights (if you haven't read it already):

- Two days before the flight, start crying. It helps to worry literally as much as humanly possible, because everybody knows that worrying about something reduces the likelihood that it will happen.

- When you’re sitting at the terminal, look out the window for clouds. Do some of them look like the kind of clouds that planes could get lost in? If so, call your dad. “Dad, there are weird-looking clouds outside.” “What am I supposed to do about this?” “I’m just letting you know. It’s not too good out there. Not…too…good.”

- Look for babies. This is important because a) probably nothing can happen to babies. And b) they’ll be the first to know that something is wrong. They’re like cats.

- Get the hell off the plane as soon as you can. Be happier to be in an airport than you’ve ever been in your life. Bless this terminal! Bless this Subway and this Cinnabon! Ne’er have you seen such beauty on this Earth! Oh, youth! Oh, life! Everything is so great when you’re on the ground. Nothing bad ever happens down here.

"Don't worry, we're in charge. Hey! Geez Simpson, how long does it take to make a Gin and tonic?"

Boobs are threatened by industrial chemicals!

Turns out, the production of highly toxic Teflon™ (don't worry, you'll be fine cooking with it attached to your pans, EVERY NIGHT) especially the use of a chemical called PFOA, is linked to a very high amount of breast-related health issues in mammals. Humans are mammals, so via the transitive theory, its affecting* human boobs.
From Gizmodo:
Researchers are calling for closer federal analysis and regulation after animal tests, which exposed rodents to hormonally linked chemicals, showed a ridiculous number of breast-related issues. One study treated mice with PFOA, a substance used to manufacture Teflon, and the results were not good. You know who else is exposed to the same levels of the same chemical? People living near DuPont's Ohio plant. Excellent.

As a species we have a breasted interest in this particular body part. Babies and enthusiasts: the time to organize is now. 
Wifey wanted to point out that in last line of the gizmodo post above, I fall into the category of "enthusiast".

Here's an idea. Stop using Teflon for nearly everything, and buy some cast iron pans (or hell even regular steel ones) and use OLIVE OIL to lubricate. Its healthier, tastes better and boobs worldwide with thrive**

Source -> 

**I am not a doctor, so this is my opinion more than anything else

Now in obvious news

"We're in a stock photo!"
Apparently only Scientists listen to Scientists (I guess we'll leave the large percentage of Doctors who smoke in the exceptions category).

From the source article:

The Ohio State research found that while the mechanism of publishing in a journal and then hoping that journalists pick up the story and translate it to the mass media — and thereby the public — is the normal standard, it is increasingly ineffective. While the number of scientific papers published in journals increased by 15 percent from 1990-2001, with a total of more than 650,000 papers, fewer than 0.013-0.34 percent were picked up by the media.
The majority of scientific papers that do get picked up by the media are predominately in the the fields of health and medicine. Other fields including your biology, chemistry, and physics get picked up by the media just 0.001-0.005 percent of the time.

In related news, Astrophysics Journal reports that: THERE IS AN ASTEROID HEADING TOWARD EARTH. Lets see if hits CNN in time.

Source ->

"Its not tipping that I believe in, its over tipping." -Vinnie Antonelli

Quote above taken from one of my favorite movies.

Gratuity is different all over the world, in some places like NYC its a very large portion (if not all) of a server's salary, hence Vinnie(or is it Todd?)'s perspective. Some people don't like having to tip if they're not used to it, but the costs ends up in the wash because you just paid a bit less for your beer anyway, usually. When I'm in a country that tipping isn't usually customary it never fails to make me feel like I'm stealing, haha.

...and now, Infographics! (click here for full size)

source ->
via ->

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Its time to really start the music this time

Finally a REAL muppets trailer!

Clickable link ->

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Hooning is not a crime

Clickable link ->

From the Jalopnik post:
Shane Van Ginsberg pulled out a win at this weekend's Hidden Valley round of the V8 Supercars series. To celebrate he drifted his V8 Ford Falcon around the entire track.

Source ->
Lewis Hamilton would agree ->

I completely agree with this

Yes, coming from an America, with our own currency/debt/economic confidence problems I probably don't have much of a foot to stand on, but then again I also didn't participate in predatory lending, the sub-prime debacle, buy tons of stuff I couldn't afford then whine that I actually have to PAY my credit card bill (to use a few very loosely connected at best examples).

"Go ride a bike!"
Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said it best here, "Let reckless Greece go bankrupt and leave the euro". Bold statement yes, but sugarcoating a situation and beating a dead horse isn't going to actually FIX anything. Debt, especially in a single-currency system can be highly contagious. If Greece has this type of reaction to something necessary like austerity, whats to stop this from spreading all within the Eurozone->Pound Sterling->US/Aussie/NZ/Canadian dollar so on and so forth. I have nothing against Greece, but these protests, etc are just making it seem like not only are they not willing to shoulder their own debt and make some tough changes to help themselves, but don't really care about the welfare of the other Eurozone members who would have to fund basically their entire economy until stability grows.

I could be wrong, but that's just how I'm seeing it from what I've read.

Source ->
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Merkel falls on sword, more Greek bailout ->

Weird dude, cool device

Clickable link ->

As per the demonstrator guy, this device is what was shown to Rudolf Diesel which inspired him to produce the diesel-cycle engine.

Cool related link ->

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Wifey found this pic

...and I love it.

This is how I feel about certain coffee places.

Apparently its from a coffee shop in Phoenix. If you know the name/location please feel free to chime in.

Link where she found the pic (I know nothing about this blog or its writer) below

What the hell is wrong with these people?

I know its nearly impossible to describe what happens in a mob mentality, but how does destroying your own city have anything to do with losing the Stanley cup? Yes, you're Canadian and hockey is important, fine. I really fail to see why terrorizing an innocent girl and her friend, and destroying their car (5:01) is justified by a loss.

2 things.
Guy at 5:03 your parents aren't proud of you
Guy at 5:08 almost decked by the girl, please email me. I'd love to finish what she started, I might even cover your bus fare.

Clickable link at the point mentioned above ->

She's lucky it was only her car that got destroyed, a bunch of idiot presumably drunk rioting guys vs 2 small women... that could've gotten ugly quick.

A friend of mine is constantly telling me how Southwestern Canada is a peaceful utopia... wow.

Source ->
***Update*** I guess not everybody in Vancouver during the riots was being destructive. The kissing pair have been identified as Australian Scott Jones and his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas.


for the google: rioting vancouver hockey stanley cup bmw destroyed 2 girls defending themselves

Lemonade is a threat to the people's republic of Maryland, parking is ok

Right now the PGA U.S. Open is going on in Bethesda, MD. So local residents saw an opportunity for a little extra cash from golf fans visiting the area.

Yes, I understand that the point is that the people charging for lawn parking actually got permits for it, but this is where you decide to draw the line? Classy. Honestly how is this different than selling a futon on craigslist*? Let the kids sell lemonade, who cares. Assuming its true, they even mentioned that it was to raise money for pediatric cancer.

I can't even remember how many "ventures" I had as a 10-12 year old. I used to shovel driveways/walks in the winter and clean the bottom of boats in the summer. One neighbor paid me 1¢/rock to pick out the non-red gravel from his red gravel driveway. Sure, I was there about 5 hours (wasn't a small driveway), but I'm pretty sure I made about $40. To an 11 year old that's some serious cash.

Source ->

*I know, technically that probably requires a license/taxes paid too

"Then he lunged at the head Dingo [and became their King]!"

You know how the game of telephone works, you say something and as it gets passed along, the story changes... a bit. In my case it got more extreme. The title above is what my mom ended up telling people* from when I mentioned (about a trip to Fraser Island, Australia, know to have many Dingos) when I was on the beach at night. I was camping with a few people and we decided to go hang out down by the water, outside of our fenced in camp, around midnight. We were sitting on the sand when we heard something walking up to us. 4 or 5 Dingos had walked up to us I guess to investigate. As soon as we stood up, they all ran away. As long as you're not a little kid (and the Dingo isn't deranged), they're not a threat as long as you don't run away or act scared. Because of this, its become a joke in my family and has been changed a few times each time we tell somebody. In some versions I became their king, stared into the head Dingo's eyes and hypnotized him, used the Jedi mind trick, was able to "speak Dingo" and/or scared them away with my very presence. (sorry Mom, haha).

Pic I took on Fraser Island back in January 2007

Back to the Mental Floss article that prompted this post. The link below talks a bit about where the phrase "Dingo ate your baby" that Elaine says in the Seinfeld episode "The Stranded". Would a Dingo eat a baby? You better believe it. As I said above they're not really a threat to a group of adults, but a kid/baby or even a small woman walking alone really isn't a good idea in an area known to have Dingos. I've been to Fraser twice, both times there were minor incidents before I arrived of a little kid having an encounter with Dingos. That's why they have fenced in campgrounds....

Having said all that, just be vigilant, stay in groups and for god sakes, learn to hypnotize canines and GO TO FRASER.

Source ->

*its possible I'm now contributing to the exaggeration, the king part she "may" not have said, hahaha

Not from today, I'm ok with that

source ->

Playing with words are fun

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm mostly mad at myself

I'm going to be dusted by "the help"!

...that I even had enough of a reaction to make a post about this.

If there wasn't a more perfect example of money can't buy taste, here it is.
Kim Kardashian's wedding registry has hit the internet. In case its taken down, here's a screenshot.
The writer of has an issue with the perfume bottle, but my biggest issue is the sheer volume of figurines. Is she trying to start an impromptu museum of non-specific, single-origin stupid mini-statues? If so, good job. If not, you deserve the inevitable fall from grace you will achieve.

Just because a store calls it art, doesn't make it art.


Source ->

Today in self-important smug news...

Sometimes I really miss NYC, sometimes I don't.

Its really really hard to not make a joke about the general attitude of somebody frequenting a Washington Square Park drum circle* has towards others**. I'll just say this "I would like my money back for riding this trip to where ever the next trip is" (1:46-1:52) isn't a sentence. If you go to the source link below, THD posted her name and LinkedIn profile (cached of course as she has taken it down), I'm not sure I'm ready to be that bold...

What would be really funny is if her educational facility* made a statement that they do not condone this behavior for anybody, especially somebody so adamantly connected to their institution (feel free to use that in the script).

Clickable link ->

Source ->

*my roundabout way of connecting this to NYU, oops! 
**disclaimer - I AM NOT SAYING ALL PEOPLE FROM NYU ARE SMUG, I know plenty of non-crazies that went there, some very close to me. It is a very prestigious school (probably why she feels a need to use it in her defense... somehow) and people like this can be bred from nearly any college worth its salt.