Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boobs are threatened by industrial chemicals!

Turns out, the production of highly toxic Teflon™ (don't worry, you'll be fine cooking with it attached to your pans, EVERY NIGHT) especially the use of a chemical called PFOA, is linked to a very high amount of breast-related health issues in mammals. Humans are mammals, so via the transitive theory, its affecting* human boobs.
From Gizmodo:
Researchers are calling for closer federal analysis and regulation after animal tests, which exposed rodents to hormonally linked chemicals, showed a ridiculous number of breast-related issues. One study treated mice with PFOA, a substance used to manufacture Teflon, and the results were not good. You know who else is exposed to the same levels of the same chemical? People living near DuPont's Ohio plant. Excellent.

As a species we have a breasted interest in this particular body part. Babies and enthusiasts: the time to organize is now. 
Wifey wanted to point out that in last line of the gizmodo post above, I fall into the category of "enthusiast".

Here's an idea. Stop using Teflon for nearly everything, and buy some cast iron pans (or hell even regular steel ones) and use OLIVE OIL to lubricate. Its healthier, tastes better and boobs worldwide with thrive**

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**I am not a doctor, so this is my opinion more than anything else

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