Friday, June 17, 2011

Lemonade is a threat to the people's republic of Maryland, parking is ok

Right now the PGA U.S. Open is going on in Bethesda, MD. So local residents saw an opportunity for a little extra cash from golf fans visiting the area.

Yes, I understand that the point is that the people charging for lawn parking actually got permits for it, but this is where you decide to draw the line? Classy. Honestly how is this different than selling a futon on craigslist*? Let the kids sell lemonade, who cares. Assuming its true, they even mentioned that it was to raise money for pediatric cancer.

I can't even remember how many "ventures" I had as a 10-12 year old. I used to shovel driveways/walks in the winter and clean the bottom of boats in the summer. One neighbor paid me 1¢/rock to pick out the non-red gravel from his red gravel driveway. Sure, I was there about 5 hours (wasn't a small driveway), but I'm pretty sure I made about $40. To an 11 year old that's some serious cash.

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*I know, technically that probably requires a license/taxes paid too

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