Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beer can chicken!

"cook me"

Wifey and I (really me) decided to make beer can chicken on the grill tonight. We can probably get at least 4 meals from the 4.5 lb chicken. Outside is rubbed with ground sage, oregano, thyme, garlic powder, black pepper & rosemary (after rinsing/drying it then coating in olive oil).
Inside I shoved in about 14 bay leaves, a handful of rosemary and chopped garlic... oh and a 2/3 full can of Miller Lite.

Lit up the right side of the grill on high (after realizing I was out of propane and going to get a new bottle), and propped the chicken up on the left side, no direct heat!

After about an hour it was going nicely until dripping juices somehow combusted and gave it a nice glaze... Then I needed to move it to the oven. 1 more hour at 375°F (Wifey and I are scientists... we prefer the °C scale but alas, haha) until the chicken boobie was at 165°F and the thigh at 180°F (=done).

Turned out... INCREDIBLE.

The stripped chicken carcass and collected drippings is currently boiling in water, some more fresh herbs (more thyme, parsley and more oregano) with plenty of salt to make the stock for meal #2 (chicken stew).

Meal #3 is chicken cheesesteak sandwiches

Meal #4 is shredded chicken for a grilled pizza.

finished product

Stock a'brewin

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