Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to fix anything

I'd replace the WD-40 with PB Blaster, but thats just me.

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All kidding aside, I've seen some pretty crazy duct tape fixes, and some very creative uses of penetrating oil such as WD-40, Liquid Wrench or my preferred PB Blaster. In high school in my CJ, I destroyed my rear driveshaft (broke into 2 separate pieces), lets not get into how, and used duct tape to make a splint on the remaining rear stub still attached to the rear differential in order to drive the 8 miles home (now in front-wheel-drive), great success! A few friends and I used it once to patch a torn bike tube successfully (then replaced the tube later) while mountain biking.

Another friend and I got a jetski to work(~ish) that had been underwater for god knows how long, by flooding the cylinder with penetrating oil, then hooking up a new battery and running it on the electric starter motor in 30 second spurts, then filling up the cylinder again. Then we replaced the spark plug and fuel filter, started right up. Too bad we didn't have a title for it.

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