Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apparently they can pick and choose what rules to enforce

if the mistake is made by them...

The FBI is investigating how a Nigerian man was able to go through security at JFK and board on a Virgin America plan without proper ID and using an expired boarding pass that didn't belong to him.
At the very least should he be charged with "stealing" the ride? (I'm skirting over the unbelievable security breach by TSA allowing him through)

From the CBS article:
Officials say Noibi got through security and was able to board the plane. No one noticed until the flight was airborne when a flight attendant realized Noibi was sitting in a seat that was supposed to be vacant. He showed the attendant the expired boarding pass that was in someone else’s name and then showed a University of Michigan identification card with his picture on it.

Days later, investigators say he went back to LAX and tried to board a Delta flight to Atlanta.
This time, he was searched and airport officials found 10 expired boarding passes in his bag , none of them in his name.

Good thing Noibi learned his lesson, I wonder if he knows anybody here. If this isn't clear evidence of reconnaissance I'm not sure what is.

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