Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is the grunt the new Vuvuzela?

The BBC, known in my house for broadcasting the single greatest show in history, is developing a tool to diminish the grunts that occur when certain tennis players serve (I'm looking at you Sharapova).

From Daily Mail:
[The] BBC has produced a noise-reduction programme called Wimbledon Net Mix, which allows internet users to turn down howling and increase commentary volume.

Wimbledon bosses have also admitted that the grunting of top tennis stars like Maria Sharapova, whose record-breaking screams often exceed 100 decibels, do make millions unhappy and want it reduced.

A similar issue (but more passive as it was ALWAYS going) happened during the last world cup with the god-awful vuvuzela. A few apps/inventions came out that blocked/reduced it, but the most effective way was to watch a game on surround sound (that had an equalizer, and just lower the pitch for the frequency that the vuvuzela resided on - b-flat 233Hz, see the links below to see what I'm talking about) &

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Sharapova Grunting

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