Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today in self-important smug news...

Sometimes I really miss NYC, sometimes I don't.

Its really really hard to not make a joke about the general attitude of somebody frequenting a Washington Square Park drum circle* has towards others**. I'll just say this "I would like my money back for riding this trip to where ever the next trip is" (1:46-1:52) isn't a sentence. If you go to the source link below, THD posted her name and LinkedIn profile (cached of course as she has taken it down), I'm not sure I'm ready to be that bold...

What would be really funny is if her educational facility* made a statement that they do not condone this behavior for anybody, especially somebody so adamantly connected to their institution (feel free to use that in the script).

Clickable link ->

Source ->

*my roundabout way of connecting this to NYU, oops! 
**disclaimer - I AM NOT SAYING ALL PEOPLE FROM NYU ARE SMUG, I know plenty of non-crazies that went there, some very close to me. It is a very prestigious school (probably why she feels a need to use it in her defense... somehow) and people like this can be bred from nearly any college worth its salt.

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