Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Well its not illegal"

Shouldn't that be where the issue stops?

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(please skip to 3:35 - either you don't know what decease means or you just told him to die, doesn't help your credibility)

Harassment in the People's Republic of Maryland, no way!

Portland college student Christopher Fussell was trying to take pictures (and video, although audio seems to be the real issue here) of rail/transit systems as a hobby. Until MTA Police illegally detain him, incorrectly accuse him of committing several crimes, then prevent him from continuing on its trip when the next train arrives. After refusing to give identification he stands his ground.

I applaud this guy. 9/10 people would've caved, but he knew his rights, knew he wasn't doing anything illegal and decided to keep his mouth shut. Not only that, he continued recording the entire time. Stating the lack of signage saying recording wasn't permitted and refusing to bow to ludicrous statements, he eloquently argued his point that he was on public property and intended to use the footage for personal use.

From the article:

In addition to being wrong about MTA and state policy, the officer incorrectly cites the Patriot Act.

“Listen, listen to what I’m saying.  The Patriot Act says that critical infrastructure, trains, train stations, all those things require certain oversight to take pictures, whether you say they are for personal use or whatever, that’s your story,” the officer said. 

I am definitely in support of law enforcement officers, but this is just a power trip and doesn't make anybody safer. If anything 4+ officers were just tied up with something frivolous when they could've witnessed ACTUAL crime.

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