Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whitey Bulger, inspiration for Frank Costello in the Departed captured in CA

FBI announcement of the capture

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The FBI's #1 most wanted man (after the death of bin Laden) has been captured. 81 year old, James "Whitey" Bulger was captured recently in a modest apartment in Santa Monica, CA. He was lured out and arrested without incident. He's currently being "shipped up to Boston". He had been living there with his 60 year old girlfriend under assumed names and had been eluding FBI authorities for over 16 years. One of the most famous FBI informants, and brother to a Massachusetts politician, he was the inspiration for Jack Nicholson's character "Frank Costello" in the absolutely incredible movie "The Departed", if you haven't seen it, you're dead to me. He is wanted for charges such as 19 counts of first-degree murder, racketeering, money-laundering, assault, loan-sharking, gambling and drug related charges to name a few.

From the dailymail article:
In an interview on 60 minutes two years ago, when asked how Bulger killed people, his henchman Kevin Weeks said: 'He stabbed people. He beat people with bats. He shot people. Strangled people. Run 'em over with cars.

The impressive way he was caught was unique and a little outside the box, especially for the normally buttoned-up FBI. Knowing that his girlfriend would be easier to find and had a penchant for plastic surgery, they advertised in plastic surgery journals with "have you seen this woman" age-progression pictures. They also advertised on daytime TV shows that would appeal to her demographic with a 30 second ad (shown below). After a few months and several false leads, Bulger was found. Click the source links below to read more. Also, watch some videos from the Departed (other than the trailer, the language is NSFW).

Commercial to find Catherine Grieg

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The Departed Trailer.

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Some funny lines from The Departed (NSFW)

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