Monday, June 27, 2011

Really like this company/concept/idea

Local Motors is a small open-source car company based in Phoenix. Using community researched and designed components, leaning towards common COTS components and stepping back from the large corporate run approach that other manufacturers take, they have created a few incredible vehicles. Starting with the Rally Fighter, (read the popmech link below for a story on that), they have naturally gone towards DARPA's XC2V crowd-sourced competition (which they won) 14 weeks ago.

From the Gizmodo post:

When Local Motors won DARPA's XC2V private "crowd-sourced" competition about 14 weeks ago, they secured the right to build a prototype that could eventually serve as a next-gen military vehicle for U.S. armed forces. Not a lot of time!

As you can see, however, they delivered. The fruits of their labor are on display above [below].

How Local Motors works:

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