Friday, June 3, 2011

TSA Groping Has Always Been Illegal

Another disturbing video of the aftermath of TSA agents illegally molesting an American woman, then citing fake laws to prevent the filming of it. The cameraman correctly states that he's in a public area and that if they didn't want to be filmed they could just walk away. The best part is when he's told for the 3rd or 4th time to shut off the camera he just says "show me the law and I'll shut it off".

I really hope this treatment comes to an end soon, Its been proven time and time again that not only do they not know what the actual laws are, but also incorrectly enforce the ones that do exist.

From the article:

All the while the woman’s son was filming the ordeal on his phone, having to constantly fend off threats from TSA agents falsely claiming he was breaking the law. The agents also threatened to confiscate the man’s luggage, even though he had been through the screening process.
There shouldn’t even be a debate as to whether or not TSA workers can stick their hands down your pants or fondle a woman’s breasts. Not even a police officer or an FBI agent can legally lay a hand on you unless it’s in the course of an arrest. Though welcomed, there isn’t even any need for a law to be passed in Texas, all state police have to do is enforce existing laws. If police merely did their job and enforced existing laws by arresting TSA agents who molest Americans, whether that be in airports, at train stations, highways, bus terminals, prom nights or wherever else TSA workers are used, then there would be no need for new legislation.

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