Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Now in obvious news

"We're in a stock photo!"
Apparently only Scientists listen to Scientists (I guess we'll leave the large percentage of Doctors who smoke in the exceptions category).

From the source article:

The Ohio State research found that while the mechanism of publishing in a journal and then hoping that journalists pick up the story and translate it to the mass media — and thereby the public — is the normal standard, it is increasingly ineffective. While the number of scientific papers published in journals increased by 15 percent from 1990-2001, with a total of more than 650,000 papers, fewer than 0.013-0.34 percent were picked up by the media.
The majority of scientific papers that do get picked up by the media are predominately in the the fields of health and medicine. Other fields including your biology, chemistry, and physics get picked up by the media just 0.001-0.005 percent of the time.

In related news, Astrophysics Journal reports that: THERE IS AN ASTEROID HEADING TOWARD EARTH. Lets see if hits CNN in time.

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  1. I am an author on two articles published in scientific journals that I barely understand, and I did work on the subject for 3 years. Expecting the public to understand the majority of research articles is too much to ask. Of course the only articles that make headlines are articles that are going to have an impact on our lives. While the research I was a part of may one day effect the lives of people in the public, I never expected anyone, even my parents to read the articles because it wouldn't have made any sense to them. And if they looked at the images in the articles, one would think they are from a kindergartner's afternoon arts and crafts.