Friday, June 17, 2011

"Then he lunged at the head Dingo [and became their King]!"

You know how the game of telephone works, you say something and as it gets passed along, the story changes... a bit. In my case it got more extreme. The title above is what my mom ended up telling people* from when I mentioned (about a trip to Fraser Island, Australia, know to have many Dingos) when I was on the beach at night. I was camping with a few people and we decided to go hang out down by the water, outside of our fenced in camp, around midnight. We were sitting on the sand when we heard something walking up to us. 4 or 5 Dingos had walked up to us I guess to investigate. As soon as we stood up, they all ran away. As long as you're not a little kid (and the Dingo isn't deranged), they're not a threat as long as you don't run away or act scared. Because of this, its become a joke in my family and has been changed a few times each time we tell somebody. In some versions I became their king, stared into the head Dingo's eyes and hypnotized him, used the Jedi mind trick, was able to "speak Dingo" and/or scared them away with my very presence. (sorry Mom, haha).

Pic I took on Fraser Island back in January 2007

Back to the Mental Floss article that prompted this post. The link below talks a bit about where the phrase "Dingo ate your baby" that Elaine says in the Seinfeld episode "The Stranded". Would a Dingo eat a baby? You better believe it. As I said above they're not really a threat to a group of adults, but a kid/baby or even a small woman walking alone really isn't a good idea in an area known to have Dingos. I've been to Fraser twice, both times there were minor incidents before I arrived of a little kid having an encounter with Dingos. That's why they have fenced in campgrounds....

Having said all that, just be vigilant, stay in groups and for god sakes, learn to hypnotize canines and GO TO FRASER.

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*its possible I'm now contributing to the exaggeration, the king part she "may" not have said, hahaha

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