Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TSA ruins a couple's honeymoon over a bottle of saline

Yet another example why I'm glad I got Lasik when I did...
In all seriousness this really is sad for them.

From the Consumerist article:
The couple, en route from Columbus, OH, to a cruise ship in Florida, say they arrived around 75 minutes before their flight was scheduled to depart. But at the security checkpoint, the bottle of contact solution in their carry-on bag tagged them instantly as terrorists.
They say there were then detained another 30 to 45 minutes while TSA, rather than just throw out the bottle and tell the couple to have a nice honeymoon, brought in staff and equipment to test it.
The mysterious liquid was eventually deemed A-OK and the couple was released. Unfortunately, their plane had left without them, meaning they couldn't make their cruise.

From the NBC article:

But the TSA has a different record of events, with about an hour of time unaccounted for.

American Airlines agreed to refund the cost of the flight and the cruise line offered a voucher for a future cruise.

There seems to be some discrepancy as to how long the additional screening actually took. My problem with it is the lack of standardization as to what is ok and what isn't (and more importantly why). 1:15 before a domestic flight at a small airport, while I'd probably round up to a full 2 hours, really shouldn't be unreasonable.

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