Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are we sure this isn't a Hollywood (CA) judge?

An Illinois man's lawyers have convinced a Florida judge that a civil settlement (with cash payout to the 2 widows) is sufficient for the lives of 2 British businessman.
Struck: Footage of the car, allegedly driven by Levin, hiting one of the men

LeVin initially said a friend was driving but eventually pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a fatal accident and two counts of vehicular homicide

[His "sentence"]means that rather than go to jail, he will spend 24 months at one of his parents' two luxury oceanfront apartments in Ft Lauderdale.

Sentencing guidelines called for 20 to 45 years in prison, and prosecutor Stefanie Newman asked for 10 years. But LeVin had worked out a deal to pay the families of the victims an undisclosed sum - which depended on him staying out of jail, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

From the Chicago Tribune article:
He has denied being behind the wheel when the crash occurred.

LeVin has been on probation for a 2006 case in which his car hit and injured a Chicago police officer, officials said. He was sentenced to 30 months of probation and drug counseling.
Turns out he was behind the wheel, lied about it, killed 2 fathers, paid off the families, is known to have drug and reckless driving issues, is a spoiled brat and could give a crap about consequences.


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