Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update to the $500 rally car->Baja truck conversion

He's got about 2 weeks until the race and is currently welding the support frame/rollcage at a tradeshow in Vegas. The plan of his is to convert what started as an '88 BMW 318i into a desert buggy running 33" tires and what looks like half-shaft portal-esque axles with custom coilover suspension for long travel. Powerwise-wise he's sticking with the '95 M3 sourced inline-6.

Welding @ the Miller booth at the SEMA show in Vegas

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a few months back a guy from Chicago bought a junker early 90's BMW 318i and shoehorned a big motor in it...

Even if you're not into cars, motorsport, etc this is pretty cool. His name is Bill Caswell and decided that he wanted to be a race car driver, with no team, no sponsors and a cheap car.

Click here if you'd like to catch up to the story thus far

Now he's eyeing for a BIG race (still in the car that he bought off Craigslist) the Baja 1000 in the Mexican desert. He's currently converting his 318i bodied rally car into a Desert vehicle.

This guy really is an inspriation to other enthusiasts like myself. I would LOVE to do something like this someday. GO TEAM CASWELL!

His official site

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