Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First post!

I've decided to finally join the trend (first Facebook, then twitter now... blogging?) for a few reasons.

A) first and foremost its to more passively share links. I feel bad innodating friends with buzz posts, facebook posts, emails, BBM, gchat... now you can come to ME.

2) I find myself trying to always have a central place to archive and share things I find in a better way than bookmarks and just trying to remember.

D) There is a lot of crap on the internet (IMO) and I constantly say "I could do that", so now I am.

I'm probably going to have little to no theme, both in content and physical layout, for a while, and I frequently interrupt myself (with parentheses like these) because my mind is all over the place, so be please be patient...
Also, I'll do my best to keep it works safe(-ish) but no guarantees.

The first thing I'll share today is the new OK Go video sent to me by wifey. It features dogs being awesome (that should be enough to click).

enjoy! (Safe for work) - New OK Go video with awesome dogs

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