Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ford Focus electic revealed, FFE > Volt

I'm still not a fan-fan of electric cars. But I do try to be an environmentalist. For people doing a static commute, the ability to charge each night and possibly having a 2nd traditionally powered vehicle (preferably DIESEL, yes I'm biased), this car is kinda cool considering. It would be awesome if it had an integrated solar panel on the roof even if it can only effectively charge a very small portion of the battery packs, but baby steps. Then again owners could always add that to their house to charge the grid, then take it back at night, but costs are involved there. I'm getting sidetracked...

The thing that stands out here is that at first glance, it that it is a better choice for somebody who actually does research than the Volt and is a bit larger than the Leaf. Its hard to legitimately argue the "buy American" stance with regards to cars nowadays, due to stuff being built in stages all over the place, foreign ownership, outsourcing, etc, so I won't touch that.

If you're really set on an electric car (and don't think diesel is worth it because you're on crystal meth and clearly thinking straight) check this out. ->

earlier post on the same general subject->

just so I cover both sides of my "The Toyota Prius is hypocrisy you can drive" argument, here's another article basically saying my opinion is 100% wrong (I'm ok with that). ->

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