Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow below the Mason-Dixon line

Wifey sent me this article a few days ago and seeing that some more winter weather is headed this way I figured it was an appropriate time to post it. Its pretty funny, written by a girl from Richmond with a boyfriend from New England. She describes basically why THIS is what a traffic map of DC looks like when the road has 13 snowflakes on it.

Not terribly long and worth the read.

Link to it -> http://www2.richmond.com/entertainment/2010/dec/16/what-southerners-do-wrong-winter-weather-ar-718549/

Frozen South: Could be days before the thaw comes <- Yahoo news about the snow in the Carolinas

sledding in Chattanooga, TN

And for sheer entertainment value, sliding cars performing the Nutcracker (sorry I can't embed it, safe for work) -> http://tv.gawker.com/5715213/watch-cars-unintentionally-perform-the-nutcracker-ballet-on-ice


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