Monday, January 31, 2011

Katie Couric is still a moron

"Allison? can you explain what internet is?"

Yes this clip is from 1994, but I'm not sure much has improved...

re: Bryant Gumble about Allison, oh no you didn't!
Also, this is the "news" (as per them) shouldn't they keep up the charade that they know whats going on at the forefront of technology? Also, is it ironic that I'm using the internet to make fun of them because they didn't know what the internet was in 1994? the @ symbol? that you're supposed to say DOT com? click an ad, then comment if you think I'm way off base.

Update - re-linked the original video bc it was pulled down.

Darryl Hammond as Sir Sean Connery said it best "This [girl] reads from a card!"

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