Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bitch, Please!

From Wifey: I have heard about this website for a while now, but never really checked it out since I do most of my browsing at work (wait, what?!?! I never browse at work!) I need to add this website to my daily checking.... STFU, Parents.

Here is the link to the top posts from 2010, which I find awesome. At first I wasn't reading the blogger cometary until i realized (s)he is a literary GENIUS!

The title for this post comes from this post about "mommy-jacking"- basically taking any comment ever made and trying making the poster feel bad because they don't have kids (ahem- having kids only proves that you had sex- congrats).

I am completely serious about this- if I get like this the world has the right/privilege/need to call me a douche and unfriend me.

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