Thursday, January 27, 2011

1990 Porsche 911 with 521,000 miles

I'd love to see a Ferrari get up that high on the odometer... Wait, you never would. Full disclosure, this car's mileage is a bit of a misnomer, seller says "everything has been replaced or rebuilt at least once".

The seller in question is putting up his 1990 Porsche 911 with the above mileage for sale at $16,000.

Check out this list of repairs/maitenance


Flywheel replaced at 41,991mi
Distributor replaced and ventilation kit installed at 82,120mi
Ignition lock replaced at 92,030mi
O2 Sensor replaced at 96,720mi
Both rear calipers upgraded with larger 4 piston 928 calipers at 96,720mi
Windshield replaced at 106,241mi
Clutch and rear main seal replaced at 135,242mi
Rear blower replaced at 141,234mi
Engine reseal at 150,194mi
Spoiler drive replaced at 159,020mi
Rebuilt transmission, replaced pressure plate and pilot bearing at 180,258mi
Replaced both rear wheel bearings at 220,242mi
Rear CV boots replaced, joints repacked at 251,341mi
A/C compressor and receiver drier at 275,676mi
Replaced both blower motors at 291,749mi
Front crank, intermediate shaft cover seal, and chain box covers replaced at 297,952mi
Right rear CV axle replaced at 315,774mi
Right rear wheel bearing and hub replaced at 322,742mi
Engine carrier and both motor mounts replaced at 324,620mi
Replaced alternator, fan hub, and fan housing at 326,540mi
Oil cooler replaced at 328,530mi
Evaporator replaced at 334,869mi
Shift rod bushings replaced at 334,879mi
Carpet replaced at 345,419mi
Front and rear calipers rebuilt at 359,947mi
Power steering pump replaced at 365,664mi
Fuel pump replaced at 395,042mi
Engine Converted to 3.8L by Andial and auxiliary oil cooler installed at 400,000mi
Rear blower motor replaced at 409,913mi
Clutch master and slave cylinders replaced at 413,368mi
Front bumper replaced at 414,560mi
Left front wheel bearing replaced at 452,326mi
Windshield replaced at 454,514
Replaced front swaybar links, front lower control arms, and ball joints at 454,514mi
Rear spoiler replaced at 460,308mi
Starter replaced at 480,772mi
Spoiler control unit replaced at 483,528mi
Updated fan and pulleys installed at 495,566mi
Clutch kit installed at 495,566mi
Engine rebuilt at 496,197mi
Driver side window motor replaced at 497,370mi
Right rear wheel bearing replaced at 510,032mi
Washer pump, idle valve, and left inner CV joint replaced at 519,540mi
Car painted and all body seals replaced at 519,540mi
Front hood struts, defrost motor, and fresh air motor replaced at 520,561mi
Engine reseal and bottom end bearings replaced at 520,561mi
A/C compressor replaced at 520,750mi
Odometer rebuilt at 520,800mi

To be honest, one of the biggest things here is how long some of the stuff actually lasted before being replaced. How many tanks of fuel has this used? That still works out to just under 25,000 miles a year assuming its been driving all through its ~21 year life. Incredible.

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