Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whoever thought this was a good idea... either the funniest or dumbest person alive.

The cast of Jersey Shore is going to Italy, the land of their ancestors (except Snookie & JWoWW). Turns out Italian-American groups aren't so thrilled about this idea, who would've thought.

Here's what Richard F. Pellegrino, president of the Italian American Political Coalition, said:

    Whether filmed in Italy or on the moon, the characters of Jersey Shore do not reflect a realistic image of the Italian American Community..."Entertainment" is in the eye of the beholder.

Joseph V. Del Raso, president of The National Italian American Foundation, also chimed in.

    We are disappointed that this irresponsible programming will be brought to Italy because it affects the image of all Americans, not only Italian Americans. There is a perverse curiosity in wanting to watch the show and the Italian audience, like the American audience, may be attracted to the show out of curiosity. But we know that the Italians' good taste will immediately recognize this genre of programming for what it's worth.

This is going to be a total disaster, which is exactly what MTV wanted.
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