Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Coffee should be sold in 2oz increments" -Me

 As its likely everybody has seen this already, Starbucks has revealed its new size brewed coffee. The new 31oz "Trenta" aka "bucket" comes with a metal handle (note: not true about the handle) and a handtruck (note: not true about the hand truck). This volume is slightly higher than the capacity of an average adult human's entire stomach.

Seriously? Why not just drink a quad espresso and have the same caffeine in (need to double check the math) in ~25% the amount of liquid? Or just start doing pure taurine and cut out the charade of getting "coffee".

  <Coffee Snob on> Do people really want that much Starbucks coffee? Couldn't I just give you 30.9oz of local hippie-brewed coffee (general rule to finding a good coffee shop, if the barista yells at you for some reason its probably going to be delicious *cough* 9th street espresso in NYC *cough*) then drop a charcoal briquette in it for flavor? Zing! <Coffee Snob off>

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