Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rally > NASCAR

Welp, now I have to save for this. Few things are more exciting than driving Rally is onle of the most exciting sports (YES SPORTS) to watch. I know its not super-popular stateside, but there's a reason I wake up (read: set my TiVo) at 4am to watch races occurring halfway around the world. The fact that it isn't all over the news makes it entirely possible to not find out results until I watch what I recorded, take that Finland!

The below linked article was sent to me by Sir Thomas about a rally school in Dalton, NH that begins with car control and ends with AWD race cars flying through the forest. Courses range from $1897-$5750 depending on amount of days (2-5). But there are other options such as a security course, offroad driving school, etc as well.

From the article:
As instructor Chuck Long puts it, “Regular racing is 10 turns you see 100 times. Rally racing is 1,000 turns you see once.”

Oh, and I ain't no average joe. I play Mario Kart at a near-pro level. That translates right?

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