Thursday, December 30, 2010

Driving in the snow... don't do it if you think you'll get stuck

2 great articles about snow motoring below. The first one is from Wired and its a "how-to" on the basics of driving in the snow. What to do in a slide, how to not get stuck, preparing your car, etc. Its a good short synopsis as to why your poorly maintained, summer tire wearing Camry will get stuck, clog a road and piss people like me off. :)

Wired article ->

The next one is a very good argument (and it uses science!) for the purchasing of snow tires. Why they actually DO make a difference in traction, safety and how their price can be justified rather easily if you take everything into account.

Jalopnik article about snow tires ->

Having said all that, there are few things as fun as driving on unplowed roads in a capable vehicle. Last winter with the feet and feet of snow DC got, I was out in my Jeep with 35's and lockers for HOURS. Before you start flaming me with "get off the road when its that bad, idiot" comments. I was volunteering for a local hospital driving nurses to/from work when no other vehicle could get to their houses. They even paid for my fuel! LAWYERED!

update -> 1 more link on the subject

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