Thursday, December 2, 2010

Somebody buy this!

I read a site called Bring A Trailer every day. It was started by a couple of guys who wanted to create a central place to look for classic/unique/rare cars from craigslist, classified ads, local car forums and eBay. They (typically) don't sell cars themself, just re-post ads for them. Sometimes they have some great deals.

Today they have a 1955 Jeep CJ3B for $1500!

I'd buy this in a second if I had a garage to store it... This thing is awesome, I love even the agricultural tires on it.

Very cool alternative to a modern Jeep if you're willing to wrench a bit...
No I don't have any affiliation to BaT, nor do I know the seller, just trying to pass on a good deal.

Seller's Flickr album ->
Source ->

Contact BaT directly if you're interested ->

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