Thursday, December 2, 2010

007 in real life...

WTF is going on?

The amount of actual James Bond level espionage that went into this is absolutely staggering.

The summary is an incredibly designed worm has been discovered inside of Iran's fledgling nuclear facilities. This worm has the ability to morph, break-up, reassemble, change as needed, identify specific systems then delete any trace of itself after an attack has been completed (or it has been discovered). How it even physically got inside of a system physically disconnected from any trace of the Internet, let alone installed is amazing. Speculation as to its origin involved dozens of different intelligence agencies under dozens of different flags, some close allies some a bit further away. I can't really give the story justice, read it yourself. Click here

(007 Gun-barrel sequence used for enhanced entertainment value only, I'll remove upon request)

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