Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toyota has some balls... UPDATED

Related update -> Judge rules (tentatively) that Toyota must face lawsuits in unintended acceleration cases

Apparently Toyota is taking one of their biggest critics head-on, Jalopnik.
They're now sponsoring the main page of Jalopnik.com with a Holiday ad campaign (see screenshots below).

Screenshot from 12/07 @ 10:30AM EST jalopnik.com

This is all pretty funny coming from a site that a large chunk of its readers/commenters almost exclusively refer to Toyota cars as "beige appliances" (see screenshot below for Jalopnik's coverage of the Toyota recall saga).

Yes I know the appliance link is technically a Subaru ad, but you get my point.

<- It is funny that if you scroll down from the beige link, you'll see another Toyota ad...

I know that ads are placed automatically, that doesn't make it any less ironic though.

Screenshot of recall coverage below

Full Jalopnik coverage of "Beige bites back!" -> http://jalopnik.com/tag/beigebitesback/

Source -> http://www.jalopnik.com

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