Monday, December 20, 2010

turns out 2010 wasn't so great for Toyota...

UPDATE: as stated by Jalopnik, Toyota is staying pretty tightlipped about having to pay a record fine because of all of this. (2 links bc the "real" one seems to have problems, below it is the cached one, which is also having problems)

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During 2010, it turns out that EVERY SINGLE TOYOTA, all Scions, half of Lexus(es?) -sold stateside- were recalled at one point in this calendar year. This yielded a few different work stoppages at Toyota manufacturing facilities and a particular Lexus-branded SUV to be declared a rare "safety risk" by Consumer Reports.

Good thing Jalopnik has come up with a cool graphic displaying what happened to which model when!

Here's to Americans doing as little research as possible, going only for price and believing that cars only are "for getting from point A to B".

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Ok, Toyota you had a good run making boring appliances... lets get back to figuring out a way to sell the Hilux TDI stateside.

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