Monday, February 14, 2011

Man vs. Wild returns, to wear a seal

Bear Grylls, one of the only people able to pull off a name like "Bear" returns to (US) TV this week on Man vs. Wild. In the upcoming episode he shows how to make a wetsuit from a baby seal (I'm not sure why it matters that its a baby, but anyway...). Say what you want about him, plenty of people don't like him, but I like him. He's on my "would like to have a beer with" list. He couldn't be tougher, more resourceful or more genuine, IMO. Yes some of the stuff he does is weird (you probably don't want to click the link on the word "weird" if at work) but how many people could do this show to this level without dying in the first episode?

The video below is a bit graphic, you have been warned.

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