Monday, February 28, 2011

What about more rainwater collection, living enzymes, physical methods?

So San Francisco's push to install city-wide low-flow toilets has caused a problem with one of the oldest sewer systems in America.
The problem is, (trying to stay classy here) with the reduction in water entering the sewage system, the "substance" is too solid, won't flow as well and is clogging up. This is causing a terrible stench at the bottlenecks. You'd think that the best way to treat a lack of water would be to add water. Rainwater collection? other wastewater collection that could be added to the "mix"? I understand the point of the low-flow toilets was to reduce water use, but if you were to instead dilute with what wasn't drinking water clean (wastewater) or abundant "free" water (rain), wouldn't that be better? What about a once in a while physical method of pushing the sludge through? I'm thinking of something similar to oil pipeline inspectors here. I'm pretty sure dumping bleach down the drain doesn't really up the green* credentials SF was trying to acheive with the whole low-flow movement (pun intended) idea to begin with. Here's to well thought out plans that give lip service to being an environmentalist**

I wonder if the smell will get to the point where we need one of these to walk around SF.

*I HATE that word being used like that, its nothing more than marketing...
**I'm looking at you prius/element drivers (you really should click the "element" hyperlink)

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