Monday, February 28, 2011

Zach Anner wins his OWN TV show.

So a while back, Oprah's network had a video entry contest for their own show on the OWN network. Zach Anner the funniest entrant by a LARGE margin (I don't care if humor wasn't the point of the contest), was the early fan favorite. Then there was speculation that votes for his competition were being rigged... Then with all the attention on the issue, votes started swinging back toward the publicly favored Zach, so weird*! Apparently Oprah was "concerned about his stamina, [being wheelchair-bound]". I guess Oprah being the picture of health and a concerned boss does justify that**. Well, now the contest is over, and Zach won***! Wheelchair-bound Zach is a self-proclaimed "sit-down comedian" and is funny as hell. He states that he has "Cerebral Palsy" which he believes is "the sexiest of all the Palsys".

Zach's show's theme is an Inspirational travel show for people who never thought they could travel.

See below for some embedded videos of this guy. This may be the only show in history on the OWN network I ever even tune to. Congrats Zach.

Audition video below

*by weird I mean, Oprah is (likely) full of crap and totally rigged the votes then realized she'd get caught and switched them back. Note: I have absolutely no proof of this and also going on pure speculation, so don't sue me.

**she isn't and it doesn't

***technically Zach and the other person both won, which to me looks like a way for Oprah to cancel Zach after a few episodes because of (a reason that hasn't been made up yet) and still feel like her OWN show contest was a success

Zach's youtube channel ->

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