Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'd have added a garden hose first...

This guy's 15 min have blown up! (see what I did there? leaf blower->blown up, har har har) -> http://jalopnik.com/#!5757030/snow-blower-revenge-guy-got-a-lot-of-attention

Bad snow etiquette in all forms (clear off your damn car, if you don't have snow tires/4WD/know how to drive in snow... DONT, OWN A FRIGGEN SHOVEL) really annoy me. Last year in my complex (which is normally plowed) all the people who don't pay for a spot and park for free on the street (which isn't plowed) tried one by one to park in people's spots that they had just shoveled out. I'm not saying you should do the militant "philly method", but you shouldn't have to either. Last year, one of my upstairs neighbors borrowed my shovel to dig out her car but then put it back at a DIFFERENT person's door. She doesn't appear to be all there, but at least she put it back after digging out her Bimmer, (sorta). I had no problem lending it to her. This guy's neighbor just stole it, then kept it. He caught her using CCTV camera he had installed on his house unbeknownst to her. So what did he do? Using his leaf blower he covered her car in a man-made snow drift., Awesome. No actual damage and it undoes all her work. I would've probably added some water to freeze the doors shut first though.

Source -> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1354804/A-dish-best-served-cold-Man-takes-revenge-snow-shovel-thief-burying-car-high-powered-blower.html

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