Thursday, February 17, 2011

USA falling behind on Alcohol consumption worldwide

A report published on Februrary 11th from the World Health Organization shows the overall average alcohol consumption, per person (aged 15+, because they are apparentlly realistic), worldwide (in 2005) was 6.1 liters. Yowsa.
Turns out that the highest outliers in this data came mostly from Europe and former Soviet Republics. The #1 spot with the staggering number of 18.2Lpp is Moldova. Next comes the Czechs at ~16Lpp.
The article also states that: over 10 Liters of Modova's annual intake is reckoned (are we really still using the word reckon?) to be 'unrecorded' home-brewed liquor, making it particularly harmful to health. Such moonshine accounts for almost 30% of the world's drinking.
So I guess what I want you to take from this is, USA! USA! USA!

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