Saturday, February 5, 2011

Parents... texting

Big post to offset probably not posting much this weekend. I receive texts like this on a regular basis...

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small keypad, old hands

New Things

Me: Went to a gymnastics meet and it was again awesome!
Dad: Love that you’re trying new things. By new things, I mean non-sex and drug things.

Red or White?

Mom: Red or white wine with Cheetos?
Me: Is this a real question?
Mom: Too late - I chose white - my day got worse…


MOM: It’s fun. we r going down the mountain on snow boards. my ass cheeks are numb.
me: youre snowboarding?
MOM: going down on those boards. is that called snowboarding?


MOM: Birthday list? How’s that thesis comin? Read your Umbrella book…….just sayin. Love you
MOM: Thinkin bout shaving my legs. It’ll be warm enough for capris tomorrow.
ME: That’s a lot to process in thirty seconds.

Connection pt.2

Mom: When you cry, I cry, when you feel sad, I feel sad, when you’re happy, I’m happy. Can I have your zip code?

Dinner Friends

Dad: Mom taught me a new phrase!!!
Me: What?
Dad: She said I should ask you if you have “friends with benefits”?
Me: hahahahaha oh my god!!!
Dad: What? It’s kinda like dinner friends.
Dad: That’s cool.


Mom: Whats spongebobs friends name… the starfish?
Me: Patrick
Me: Why?
Mom: Why not?

Pay It Forward: Cyberhugs

mom: Just for “liking” the “When Parents Text” site I’m going to give you a cyberhug (((((Anna)))))!

Serious Business

MOM: I would not jest about poo.

Raisin Retort

ME: These raisins are gross
MOM: So are you HA

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