Friday, February 25, 2011

Val Kilmer sucks, George Clooney sucks

10 things you may not know about Batman.

Most of these are stupid (I'm looking at you #7). But here are my favorite ones.

#4 Batman used to kill criminals all the time. - I wish Batman would (actively) kill criminals again. The Chris Nolan approach is definitely a step in the right (darker) direction from that happy-go-lucky crap before. (yes I'm focusing more on movies).

I also liked the darker 90's cartoon for the same reason, yeah they skirted around blood/gore, but it was at least implied.

#6 A lot of key elements of the Bat-mythos weren't introduced until the 1940s. - This is interesting, Batman wouldn't be Batman without the cave, the car, the belt, the whole thing.

#10 Batman fought Dr. Doom before the Fantastic Four ever did. - I wonder how the licensing for this worked, or maybe it was back before they cared quite so much about this and they were just similar characters. A faceless "doctor" trying only for destruction and doom? Seems organically named to me.

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