Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Killed 40 miles from the capital of Pakistan

This is not the time for jokes. This is not the time to gloat. But that's not the same thing as celebrating the end of an evil regime.

Osama Bin Laden, the single most wanted man in the world has been confirmed to have been killed.
Hiding for about a decade he was killed in Pakistan last week. Its been kept under wraps in order to pass DNA testing to confirm the body's identity. A piece of Bin Laden's sister's brain (who died in the United States recently) was used to confirm his identity).

A few facts:
- United States Military/Intelligence action (Meet the team -
- Bin Laden was not killed by a drone bombing
- The former head of Al Queda, was given the option to surrender but declined and took 2 bullets to the head before the body was recovered by U.S. forces (later burial at sea )

Video of his $1,000,000 secret lair in a suburb of Islamabad, Pakistan
How he was found

Personal Note:
I personally knew dozens of people killed in the World Trade Center disaster. I will never forget how I felt while I watched the towers fall live on TV (after my mom called me to turn on the news). A few years later I lived for almost a year about a block from Ground Zero. I've never felt safer in my entire life. That part of Manhattan was treated as a shrine and protected site by a very diligent police force.
When you see a soldier, sailor, airmen, marine, police officer or fireman around. Thank them for their service, the reason you can live the way you do is because of their job, sacrifice and risk.

While typing this I can hear people outside my window cheering. 

Few simple things will make you feel better than buying a serviceman/woman on leave a beer when you see them at a bar.
I'm going to do my best not to plug things on this blog, but if you ever wanted to do something to help morale of the people securing your freedom ->

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