Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you think The Hoff would go back (not the show)?

Some people stand in darkness
Afraid to step into the light.....*

I was a "lifeguard"** for many summers (I took much better to Swim Coaching) but I made about ~$8/hour***. Turns out some lifeguards in Newport Beach make over $100K a year, a few even approaching $200K. I almost think some of the Baywatch staff would come back for that kind of cash. Although I think that the only one who'd pass the test was the ummm athletic(?) yeah we'll say athletic one. I can tell you one former cast member who could care less... he married those, i mean her instead.


*I'm aware that Baywatch the show and actual Newport beach lifeguards aren't the same thing, but what else could I talk about in this post?
**Beach Lifeguards are actual lifeguards with many daily rescues, must be in great shape, a great deal more training, etc - quite a different thing than being a "lifeguard" at a country club pool
***I don't remember what I actually made, that sounds right though

making fun of "celebrities" is fun - having said that David Charvet, high five.

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