Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I want to do this

I saw a guy on the street with almost exactly what you see below last weekend. Then randomly I saw the bike parked on the street yesterday. As I was checking it out the owner (guy I saw 2 days earlier) walked up. He mentioned that he got the kit from Kings Motor Bikes (link below) and it took about 4 hours to install. 

I love to tinker...

I'm thinking one of the 48cc motors in order to not have to title/register/insure it when using on public roads. Apparently you can get up to 130mpg on one of these things. Now the question is, anybody got a cruiser bike (preferably a ~3 speed) they're looking to get rid of anyway?

Wifey isn't a fan of the idea due to our dwelling's amount of available storage space...

Source -> http://www.kingsmotorbikes.com/

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