Thursday, May 26, 2011

Which one is Snooki?

You've got to hand it to MTV for knowing how to source people who will effectively make fools of themselves in order to make money for the network. Even if all their executives will likely go to hell. Introducing the UK version of Jersey Shore... Geordie Shore!
(This is for real).

Already there is backlash from local Geordie Newcastle residents, saying that this show is hurting their area's image. Facebook groups have even started with the title(s) RIP Geordie Pride (see below).

One thing worth mentioning though, I do hope that the most vocal critics realize that if there is a violent backlash they'll only prove that they're exactly like the people they claim are hurting their area's image...Is it bad PR for an entire city/population/cultural-group?, of course. Is it entertaining to watch and say "wow, I'm happy I'm not like that"?, yep. I'm not against the critics, but idiots will be idiots no matter where they are from, why not just laugh at them?

Below is the trailer for the show's debut. I've always believed I was pretty good at understanding even the thickest of the many UK accents, but I have no flipping idea what Holly is saying. I guess that's why Cheryl Cole* was fired from the US X-Factor? She's hot enough to justify an accent interpreter (do they have those?) for any person close minded enough to not even try to understand her.

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I can't wait to watch! I love Brit-TV.


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