Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kinda hurts when you have no credibility huh?

In changing the attitude of the posts lately from serious to ridiculous (which I much prefer) please see below.


While I'm not in agreement with the use of the words in the title (see source link to know what I'm talking about). This email response is really funny.

While referring to THIS post, a "reader" of theoatmeal.com wrote in challenging the oatmeal's stance...

Here's a screenshot of the content, make sure to read the whole thing, or click the source link for larger size text (then go get glasses). hahahaha

Warning some content might be NSFW (if you don't know what that means you have other things to worry about then opening a link such as that on your work computer).

Source -> http://bit.ly/l1ZRr0

Poster! -> http://shop.theoatmeal.com/products/10-words-you-need-to-stop-misspelling

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