Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So where is that ACTUALLY from?

I very much hate the (over)use of the word "green". Especially with the amount of lip service many companies/people do regarding environmentalism. Sourcemap is a cool new (?) site that gives the origin of many different consumer items, its manufacture location, where the parts are from, etc. Its not saving the earth if your hybrid's pieces were shipped across the ocean... twice before even final manufacture.

Back on point, this site is pretty cool in that it doesn't just map manufactured goods, but also foods, garments and basically anything else you'd buy. It takes a supply-chain approach 1st, environmental 2nd way of displaying the data as charts/infographics (!).

Source -> http://www.sourcemap.org via http://lifehacker.com/5804948/sourcemap-shows-you-the-origins-of-the-stuff-you-buy

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