Monday, May 23, 2011

Smarter Elevators

One of my friends has been asking me to post about the annoyances of elevators (see examples below) for a while now. Now I finally have a reason.

Smartcards can be used to limit the time between getting on and having to push the button. Or Bosses can redirect unsuspecting employees to another floor (how long until the first overly litigious former employee files for kidnapping when that happens?). Really? because that's the problem? What about idiots that just stand in front of the door, dumbfounded as to why it magically opened and coincidentally somebody behind them is trying to move forward. What about people that get on the elevator at 2, then hit the 3 button. Then their friend gets on at 3, but instead of letting the door close, talks for 30 seconds to the first person (in the doorway), then gets on and hits 4. AHHHHHH! I'm just trying to go to 5!*

I propose a system of checks and balances that have other employees as secret elevator bosses for other employees. If a user has too many violations (see above) or overly uses the elevator, (eg you work on 2, next to the stairwell, use the starts to go outside), the option is given for Golden age of Nickelodeon-era punishment or forfeiture of elevator rights. GO!

Caption contest!

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*All hypothetical of course

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