Monday, July 18, 2011

Alison Brie might be too hot...

Wifey said I should edit this pic a bit for content, but click here for the "full" version.

This is an outtake for a Men's health photoshoot Miss Brie did. Welp, I guess I'm getting a Men's health subscription, how's that for effective marketing? This girl only makes Community (great show in its own right) even better to watch. I love how they don't dance around how incredibly hot she is. I could do without Britta at this point (or Chevy Chase for that matter). More Chang!

I'm aware that this post is short on content, I'm ok with that. Click the source link (not at work).

Congrats Alison, this pic alone just bumped you to #1 celeb. ->

God I love short brunettes. hey Wifey!

Source ->
***Update*** another pic from that same site ->

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