Saturday, July 2, 2011

What would you do? I'd change the channel

***Update*** This was just emailed in to me ->

Here are some highlights -

  1. Defendant acted intentionally or recklessly; and
  2. Defendant’s conduct was extreme and outrageous; and
  3. Defendant’s act is the cause of the distress; and
  4. Plaintiff suffers severe emotional distress as a result of defendant’s conduct.

 Many jurisdictions, including Arkansas and New York, require the element that the incident complained of must have taken place in public.

I wonder how many of these situations take place in the above states...


I really don't like this show. Its concept, its execution, its host and how it masquerades as "news".

Here's a twitter conversation I had with their official twitter account last night.

Source of the other party's content ->!/wwydabc

What they fail to address is that there ARE going to be other casualties because of this show. Even thought they claim to be conducting these scenarios in a controlled environment, they can't control people's emotions, especially afterwards when they go home. Other witnesses (that are blurred, not interviewed and considered the background) still experience the same FAKE situation to provoke a response, usually negative/anger. They don't know everybody in the shot's background, whether or not they have PTSD, have experienced something in their past similar that triggers a bad memory. Its one thing when these things happen in reality, but to force people to the edge of their emotions to sell ads for snuggies* and Stanley Steemer* is just cheap.

Above all of this, its clearly on TV because people will watch it, which brings me to my next point, WHY DO PEOPLE WANT TO WATCH TV THAT GIVES YOU ANXIETY?!

Here are some suggestions for alternate programming:
The League
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Seinfeld reruns
How I miet your Mother
Arrested Development reruns
South Park
Modern Family***
Happy Endings***
LOST***(miss that show)
30 Rock
Parks and Rec

*No idea if they advertise on that show, I just needed some examples of weird commercials
**This might be a stretch on my "anxiety TV" statement above
***Proof that I don't have a problem with ABC, just this ridiculous show
****Alison Brie, enough said

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